Flower Care

How to care for your roses


Fresh Flowers: 

Fresh Roses that last 5-8 days

Every single stem is hand-picked, carefully selected and arranged in an exceptional way to attract and amaze everyone.
We always use the freshest, best quality flowers to ensure all of you enjoy the luxury experience of a unique moment. We love custom orders, and can integrate beautiful patterns, letters, and symbols with our roses available in an extensive color palette.

Φρέσκα Κόκκινα Τριαντάφυλλα Σε Λευκό Βιβλίο L 30-35

Flower forever care:

Διαρκούν 3-5 χρόνια
Real Roses that lasts 3 year due to our special treatment
Preserved flowers that have been processed with a revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance for several months or even years. Their beauty and soft delicate appearance makes it difficult to differentiate between cut flowers and the fresh look of our products. These roses cannot be compared with dried, freeze-dried or silk roses. In order to preserve this product, an advanced technical process is used whereby the natural sap in real roses is replaced with a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and colouring.NO WATER NEEDED!! MORE ROSES COMING SOON! STAY TUNED!!!! NATIONWIDE (GREECE) SHIPPING & 50+ COUNTRIES
Please note: only these roses are preserved and lasts up to 3 years. All the other collections are fresh cut roses.

Forever Roses Small Με Χρυσά Τριαντάφυλλα Σε Χρυσό Κουτί Δώρου Forever Princess