For Us

The Rose Company was created in 2014 and is the most luxurious florist based in Glyfada. We are the first florist to bring Forever Roses, the real roses that last up to 5 years in luxury boxes. Forever Roses come from Ecuador, where they maintain their beauty and vitality through a non-toxic process. They are not only beautiful but also good for the environment, less water, less waste.Also, we are known for our toyflowers, the flower teddy bears that everyone knows, as we are the only company that makes them by hand. We are always making new, unique and special creations that will impress your loved one. Now we also undertake the decoration of your space for the most unique surprise! Let love bloom with The Rose Company - the ultimate destination for planning your event and for a magical decoration of your space.<br>
For your wedding and christening, impress your guests with our original and unique favors. Choose from a variety that satisfies all tastes.